First Family heads to Gulf Coast for 27-hour vacation

By Fed Up
Sat. Aug,14,2010

Are they going to ever plant their ASSES in Washington where they belong, NO even though they are telling the American people WE ALL have to tighten our belts, unless you have a Government JOB and getting paid on the TAXPAYERS DIME, plus GETTING bailed out to KEEP THEIR jobs, but HELL to the people who work for less pay to PAY THEIR BIG wages so they can live comfortable.

Most Americans today are lucky to take a vacation across the street, these inconsiderate s along with the rest of them in DC, as well the States, Cities, and Counties, could care less how much they are costing the American taxpayer, as long as they get 3,4,5 and 6 Vacations a year on the TAXPAYERS dime. And nobody say they are paying for it themselves, because they are using PLANES, SECURITY, and CARS paid for by TAXPAYERS, and every time though planes go up it is casting Taxpayers BIG BUCKS.

They  jet set all over with big smiles on their faces while the Americans don’t know if they are going to have a job tomorrow.


By Holly Bailey

President Obama is taking his family to Florida’s Gulf Coast this weekend in what the White House is billing as a show of support for the region’s struggling businesses after the BP oil spill.

The president, First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia are scheduled to travel Saturday to Panama City, a popular tourist spot that has seen a huge drop in visitors this summer after tar balls from the oil spill washed ashore. Last month, the first lady traveled to the city in a bid to boost visitor traffic, calling the beaches there “pristine.” “Everybody should come!” she urged.

But the First Family won’t actually spend much time in the region. According to the White House, the Obamas will spend roughly 27 hours on the ground in Panama City — far less than they have on other vacation jaunts this summer.

All told, this will be the seventh vacation that the first lady has taken this summer. Last week, Michelle Obama came under fire for a four-day trip she took to Spain with Sasha and several friends. The White House has said she took the trip to comfort a grieving friend.

[Photos: More from Michelle and Sasha Obama’s vacation in Spain]

Other trips included a weekend visit to Maine, where the family spent a weekend touring Acadia National Park. In June, Michelle and the girls traveled to Los Angeles, where they attended the NBA finals. Later this month, the family will take a 10-day jaunt to Martha’s Vineyard, where the Obamas vacationed last summer.

Still, it’s not clear how much of a “vacation” this trip to Florida will actually be. According to the White House, Obama plans to spend part of his time meeting with local business owners.

Meanwhile, critics are already questioning whether the First Family will practice what they preach when it comes to actually engaging in any beach time. “Will Sasha swim in the Gulf?” read a Drudge Report headline Friday morning.

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