Are you An American Candidate or A Mud Singing_ _ _

Oh, Lord, It’s So Hard To Be Humble when you are perfect in every way, BULLSHIT!!!!

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This is for all of these POLITICIANS who say they are for America, but are really for them selves, and their PROFITS from lobbyists .

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 people Animation _ dinamobomb

You all go out before the American people and say that you are for a better America, but the real problem is you are spending more time trying to put up a smoke screen and hope the people don’t see through it, why don’t you can the two-party system, that is the problem today in this Country, you can’t work together any more, if you can not see that then you are not an American, you are just a POLITICIAN out to make a PROFIT off the American People.

Like the President he is so wrapped up in him self and a Democrat no matter how he puts it, he won’t work with any one unless they are a Democrat, NOW you look at the Democrats they are also wrapped up in them selves, they think they own this Country and the people and they  better shut their mouth and do what they are told, this is not America, it is a Country under a dictator.

When are We the People going to tell these Politicians we are getting tired of all this mud-slinging and want to getting back to Actually be truthful about what you are running for, and stop mud-slinging, and stop trying to sell the moon and sun when you do not have a chance in hell of doing what you say, try being an American that believes in AMERICA and a strong CONSTITUTION, This Is Why YOU ARE ELECTED TO OFFICE TO BEGIN WITH, Not To Battle Over The TWO, THREE, FOUR PARTY SYSTEM, you are there as a team to keep this Country FREE, and not RULED by a DICTATOR.

For taxes, People and Businesses can only pay so much taxes before the Sky Falls, if you can’t see what you have done by now, we need new people in office who can work together and not be fighting over who has control, Do you remember the motto FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE, but you no longer want to work with the people, just like business, they would rather bankrupt America by giving them selves outlandish wages instead of putting that money back into the Company or Country where they are just so close to going bankrupt at the drop of a stock.

Now lets take the news media, if they are so much for the First Amendment, then they should have to tell the truth when reporting and not report on the people that they want in control of this Country, and if they Don’t tell all the news when it is there and letting every one know what is going on so they know what is happening, instead of covering it up, they should not be allowed to report the news and lose their license, because by the time the people do find out about what is going on, they are about to lose every thing usually by high taxes, or a new law against them.

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