Zero Tolerance = Zero Common Sense

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I could not agree more on what Ted Nugent is saying, ever since the teachers union took control and administrators State and Federal the school system has become the worst in the world, so how can schools get any better, they can’t, after they dump the unions and all State and Federal bureaucrats and let the local school districts have control.

I have no problem with Unions, but now they no longer protect the working person, they now have become Dictators trying to run every thing, and I do mean EVERY THING.
Ted NugentBy Ted Nugent

It was recently reported that a seven-year-old boy had been expelled from school for a year for having a toy gun in his back pack. That’s right, seven years old, a plastic toy gun, expelled from school for a year.

This is yet another example of the counter-productive buffoonery of zero tolerance on parade. Rarely a week goes by that we don’t hear about some other glaring example of such mindless zero tolerance, anti-common sense, frothing at the mouth madness that accomplished zero good for anyone.

Zero-tolerance restrictions are tools of deranged public education bureaucrats who are more interested in tossing good kids out of school than tossing bad teachers out of school. Poor-performing teachers are protected by powerful teacher unions and other such mystical impunity. Little kids who make innocent mistakes are protected by no one because it appears that no one in the public school system actually gives a damn about the students.

The bold truth is that the real objective of our public education system is to provide union jobs to teachers who provide votes and cash for Democrats. America’s losing education system long ago tossed the important objective of providing a quality education to American kids into the trash can.

Parents realize what a veritable train wreck the public education system has become. More and more parents are home schooling their children, sending them to parochial schools and championing charter schools. Smart move. Smarter kids.

Meanwhile, the public education system passes more brain-dead, “feel good” zero tolerance restrictions and tosses seven-year-old kids out of school for a year for bringing a toy gun to school that this young boy had innocently forgotten that he put in his backpack to hide from his brother. God forbid the young boy had brought a butter knife to spread his peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich. That would have surely gotten him a two year suspension and a weapons violation on his juvenile record. I feel safer already.

What a pathetic joke the public education system has become. We spend more and more money on public education and yet produce dumber and dumber kids. We expect little from students and even less from teachers—and our expectations are exceeded beyond our wildest imaginations. The public education system is the big flunk. Welcome to Flunk U, boys and girls. Best of luck to you.

Waiting for Superman is a new documentary that exposes the rotting mess of our public education system. Surely we didn’t need a documentary to show us that our public education system has been failing America’s kids for decades. Any number of public education reform organizations and spokesmen have been shouting for years that the system is failing our kids, but no one in the system wanted to listen, much less do anything that would benefit our children. Typical bureaucratic response: Watch Rome burn instead of calling the fire department.

Meanwhile, test scores have fallen while teacher tenure has risen. The teachers’ union rewards poor performance by protecting bad teachers with permanent jobs. Excellence is not the standard. The only way a teacher seemingly gets fired is for having sex with a student. What soulless Fedzillacrat numbnut created and rewards this bizzaro, anti-education system?

The result of our failed education system is that too many of our kids can’t read, write or do math at their grade level. Drop-out rates approach 50% in some high schools. The public school system answer: more and more money. That’s analogous to giving a heroin junkie more and more heroin and convincing yourself you are helping the junkie.

Our schools teach that it is okay for Johnny to have two daddies, but willfully ignore educating our kids how government spending and taxes is draining them of their future, that nutty, violent Muslims are responsible for global terrorism, and why the Founding Fathers set up a Constitution that limits the power of the federal government. But how our corrupt Fedzillacrats spit in the face of our Founding Fathers’ intent.

Brain-dead political correctness has smothered our public education system, and our kids are paying the price. Where political correctness is allowed to roam, it leaves a path of destruction and despair in its wake. Political correctness is always the enemy, never the ally. I say we expel any teacher or school administrator for a year who advocates or implements political correctness, including zero tolerance, in our public school system.

The teachers’ unions will fight change. They will blame everything else first before accepting a shred of blame for the destruction of our public education system. They will toss out little seven-year-old kids for an entire year for bringing a toy gun to school while working over-time to defend bad, even rotten teachers and poor public school administrators. They should be required to wear pointy dunce hats, stand in the corner for a week, and then write 1,000 times on the blackboard: I apologize for being a dunce.

It is time for an open and honest debate about the debacle our public education system has become and what we can do to fix it, if anything. We need new ideas to solve old problems if we are going to produce bright, talented kids to compete in the global economy. We won’t get there by subscribing to ridiculous zero-tolerance and brain-dead politically correct games and a teacher’s union that cares more about teachers’ protectionism and benefits than it does about students.

Never reward poor performance, dumb choices and dunces unless you want more of it. Flunk you, teachers’ unions and various bureaucrats. Thanks for nothing.

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