Bay Area already ruing loss of Pelosi’s power

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Hay California would you like some crackers with that wine, it is about time California has to pony up pay for what they want done, the rest of the Country has to, it is time that the each states started to take back 75% of the money they pay the Fed., at least one thing the states can’t blame the Fed for mishandling of the money.

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By Mike Lillis

big grin.gif (932 bytes)House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might be a radioactive figure in many parts of the country, but one day after Democrats lost the House in a landslide, Bay Area business and political leaders are already regretting the region’s loss of clout.
“Just look around,” the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce’s Jim Lazarus told The San Francisco Chronicle Wednesday. “The $400 million for the Transbay Terminal project, the [$46 million] Doyle Drive rebuild, the [$86 million] Hunters Point Shipyard cleanup — if she wasn’t there, I’m not sure we would have gotten the funding, and we certainly wouldn’t have gotten it as fast as we did.”

Another business group, the Bay Area Council, also weighed in with worries that federal funding will be in shorter supply for the region with the Speaker’s gavel passed to the Republicans.

George Broder, a senior advisor to the group, told The Bay Citizen that it was Pelosi, for instance, who secured a $400 million high-speed rail grant from the Department of Transportation.

“From her perch as Speaker of the House, she’s been able to advocate very effectively for her district,” Broder told the Citizen.

They are not alone.

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said he’s concerned Pelosi’s fall will also affect projects at the local-government level.

“To the extent that there was an innovation agenda in the U.S. Congress, it really came out of Pelosi’s office, along with Reps. Anna Eshoo and Zoe Lofgren,” Reed told The Chronicle. “I doubt the new guy, John Boehner, is even going to understand what Silicon Valley is all about.”

Indeed, even Democratic Rep. Jim Marshall (Ga.) ran ads this election season — complete with dancing hippies — declaring Georgia to be “a long way from San Francisco.”

San Franciscans are well-aware of the city’s historic reputation as a bastion of liberal vice. And that, some are already saying, is another reason they’ll miss Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“After portraying San Francisco as Sodom so well that even Democrats were deriding Pelosi’s hometown,” SF Weekly blogger Joe Eskenazi wrote Wednesday, “Republicans are not going to do our fair city any favors.”

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