Who Do We Blame Or Who Gets The Credit???

By Fed Up with Government LIES and tall stories while they PROFIT

How much of our tax money supports other nations compared to what is left here, just like every disaster that happens, but when one happens here they don’t have the money, good example New Orleans there it was what did they get, here is your help, but not let in.

This is for the ones who got the shaft back when Companies with the help of Government took away your right to get a good wage and package increase from the Companies who complained that the working class was getting too much money and other benefits.

Does any one out there remember this, well we can’t expect these yuppies of today who are running this Country down, to know what the seniors to-day had to put with on that special day for the Companies that took away the rights of the working class to earn a good living wage which is still going on today.

I think it was when Mr. I am not a crook was in office, correct me if I am wrong, but that is when the private sector lost their rights to strike for better wages, retirement, and a better health package, you see at that time they were giving them selves more or lets put it this way giving them selves 20 to 30% percent incentives to become ruler of the Government, while only giving workers 3% percent a year with every thing, so to get a wage increase you gave up health care and retirement, or turn it all around how ever you want to say is, but for 3% percent a year, so you do the math, what do you go for, wages, better health care, or retirement, to get them all it had to be  no more then 3% percent.

Just look what has happened since, health care has gone down, wages are going down, and what is left retirement, now if you are a Government Employee, you get cost of living, good pay increases every year, good health benefits, and retirement, and what are they making, most are SIX Figure wages, while the private sector is lucky unless every one is working to make it to $50,000.00 or $70,000.00 a year, unless you are a top executive of a Company, who is bankrupting the Company with their big wages and Bonuses. They seem to think that putting it in their pocket is better than putting it back in to the Company so people can afford their products.

Lets get back to who is to blame for all the problems, or where does the trail lead for all the problems, all Government Agencies, failing to solve the problem or make it worse, spending more money on special interest, passing laws on the American people that they are exempt from, good example Health care, Social Security, they collect but don’t pay into, (like the Judge bragging about getting Social Security and never paying a dime in to it, and having a 6 figure retirement) retirements that they have taken away from the private sector or taxed away from.

Now lets look at why there are no JOBS, they allowed companies to outsource with tax incentives, charge high taxes, that go’s for all Government Agencies, so companies move to where taxes are lower or given a tax break, health care, they come up with an excuse why they can’t or won’t solve the problem, good example bedbugs, E Coli, swine flu, N1 virus, or they deny it until it becomes an Epidemic and cost the taxpayer more than if taken care or before it became an Epidemic.

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