A Comment I think most Americans can support

This is one that I can say, I am not FED UP.

I think that the Gentleman who made this comment has the thoughts and feeling of most Americans, and not putting down any Nationality who believe in America and have studied to become and American, and are not hiding behind the U.S. Government to get a free hand out, we do have some U.S. Citizens who live off the Tax payers because they don’t want to work, but who do we blame for this, no one else but our own GOVERNMENT.

So the cost of becoming a U.S. Citizen is high but you have one thing on your side, YOU ARE LEGAL and can say I am a U.S. Citizen, and I hope you can say you are proud to be one.

A comment from

US Supreme Court caught in fiery immigration debate

George Patton

I grew up in a town that had whites, blacks, asians and
Mexican-AMERICANS. We all got along as kids and still
remain friends today.
We were united in one culture, that our parents believed in.
As a kid growing up in California, in the 1970’s, I remember
how it looked like before we got hit with wave after wave
of Mexican illegals.
We watched, on television, The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, Happy Days,
CHiP’s, Chico and the Man, Mork and Mindy, MASH, All In The Family….
There was no Telemundo/Univision or countless Mexican radio stations.
Cars did not have heavily tinted windows, you could actually see the occupants.
There wasn’t any loud music at all hours of the night.
Your property was respected.
Mexican meth was not available.
Eyesores of 4 cars in the driveway, 1 on the lawn, three in
front of ONE home did not exist.
Single family dwellings were EXACTLY that.
Uncle Luis and his family did not live in the garage.
It was safe to walk around all neighborhoods during the night.
Emergency rescue sirens were rarely heard and not common.
All dogs were licensed.
There weren’t countless ritual weekend driveway Tijuana thrift sales selling old car-seats,
used baby clothing and out of fashion lady shoes.
You could talk to strangers using one common language….English.
Placing an order at McDonalds’s, I was able to understand the gal behind the counter.
I didn’t have to worry about gunshot victims lying on public sidewalks.
An unlicensed food vendor was Grandma giving me a bowl of apricots, instead of strangers
selling tamales from a stolen shopping grocery-cart.
The streets were clean.
There weren’t any massive motor-oil stains everywhere.
There wasn’t a daily parade of Mexican mugshots on the tv or local paper.
Everybody was grateful to be an American.
The Stars and Stripes were proudly displayed at every opportunity.
The good ol’ days……
We were allowed to live peaceful lives.

Yes there were drugs and crime during the 70’s.
But, I was not affected by either one. Compared to today, it was alot
safer back then.
As for my childhood friends and I, some of us went to college, some joined the
We entered fields of law enforcement, firefighting, agriculture, medical, construction.
a few of us are employed by local, state and federal government agencies.
One of us served time for heroin. But, he got himself cleaned up.
We are everyday taxpayers that are tired of paying for illegals.

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