Don’t Believe What They say

people_32.gif (9824 bytes)Are YOU yes YOU are you Fed-Up

You know a funny thing keeps popping up, I keep hearing about our gas prices going up because we will no longer be dependent on foreign oil, and being that our Government and environmentalist won’t let them drill for energy here, they will now be able have better control of what the GAS prices and TAXES will be on what you will be paying at the pump, I think they said $3.60 by 2015 and then maybe there will be TAXES added too.

You know this sounds just like what they did with this tax break for the rich, not the poor working person, any thing the Government gives you, you always end up paying it back with interest, they don’t call it interest, they call it another Tax increase to pay for the deficit, but you know they are going to keep it this way so they have more control over all LEGAL Americans (called black mail the Government way).

That was not a tax break for the American worker, go to news, it was so the rich could get another tax loop-hole or a way to hide their money, did they ever go after the ones they caught last time and prosecute them for tax evasion like they do the American worker when they don’t claim all their money earned.

Are you getting tired of the Government telling you that you don’t know what is good for you, if  you don’t do some thing about it and stop letting these special interest, yuppies and the environmentalist run this Country, all they are doing is destroying it for their own gain and not for the good of America, if they were helping then why are the giving them selves big wages and bonuses then telling the American worker they must cut their wages because their profits are down, or they bring in people from other Countries, if you don’t believe it, see who is trying to get more work visas to bring people in to work in this country to replace the American worker.


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One thought on “Don’t Believe What They say

  1. missdisplaced

    I don’t believe anything the entire FOXNewstainment propaganda team says. Sadly, many do.

    Typically the rich like to distribute the tax burden to the poor and middle class (that is how we ended up with sales taxes). It happened in the 20’s and it is happening now.

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