White House attempts to quiet revived talk of ‘death panels’

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What is it going to take to get these yuppies to under stand that Obamacare is full of poisonous snakes that will bit you in the ASS, it seems that every month that go by more shady Health care comes out that is not supposed to be there according to Obama and the Democrats, time will show you when it is too late.

‘Death Panel’ Debate Resurrected

New Medicare guidelines allow for reimbursement of doctors who perform end-of-life counseling for patients during annual check-ups.

December 28, 2010


By Jason Millman

The Obama administration is trying to quiet talk about so-called “death panels” after TheNew York Times reported [Obama Returns to End-of-Life Plan That Caused Stir] Sunday that a new Medicare regulation includes incentives for end-of-life-care planning.

The Medicare policy will pay doctors for holding end-of-life-care discussions with patients, according to the Times. A similar provision was dropped from the new health care reform law after Republicans accused the administration of withholding care from the sick, elderly and disabled.

However, an administration spokesman said the regulation, which is less specific than the reform law’s draft language, is actually a continuation of a policy enacted under former President George W. Bush.

“The only thing new here is a regulation allowing the discussions … to happen in the context of the new annual wellness visit created by [healthcare reform],” Obama spokesman Reid Cherlin told The Wall Street Journal, [White House Links New End-of-Life Talks to Bush Policy].

In 2003, Medicare added a consultation visit for seniors new to the program, according to the Journal. Another 2008 law, enacted under Bush, said the visit can include “end-of-life” planning discussions.

Sarah Palin, a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2012, sparked controversy last summer when she said the reform law’s end-of-life provision would create “death panels,” in which “government bureaucrats” would decide who receives care. President Obama countered the claim by saying his administration didn’t want to “pull the plug on grandma.”

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