In Fighting Will Never Protect America!

people_32.gif (9824 bytes)Are YOU yes YOU are you Fed-Up

This Country will never get any thing done until this Country get rid of the TWO PARTY system, as long as it runs this way we are going to have in fighting, and nothing will get done unless they use pork to bribe for passage, just like the Democrats did to fast track programs to get them pasted before any one knew what happen and stop it, that is why Democrats hide behind closed doors.

I don’t know about you but I am getting tired of all this in fighting in all these Government Agencies, you turn on a radio, TV, Computer and what do you get, the news media lies about what the Government is doing, we are all work together, this a lie from the Government.

Here is what you see in the news that tries to tell you the truth these articles can be read on: Dems accuse GOP of breaking vows at ‘dizzying’ pace out of gate, Potential White House candidate says path blocked by prejudice, Senate Dems focus ire on House GOP, Watchdogs want ‘oathgate’ probe.

Here is a good example of how our government works, here is where Reid complains about the GOP taking the highway trust fund and putting in the general fund, well I believe he was one of the ones responsible for taking the Social Security and Medicare trust fund and taking it and putting in the General fund, this is one of the reasons for Medicare and Social Security going bust, and Medicaid they give to people who don’t pay in to it and refuse work, so they don’t have to pay into it, so what does that tell you, bankrupt of America, and that is just what is going to happen if they don’t get people back to work and get factories back in this country, because not every one wants or will go to college, for one there will never be enough college educated jobs to put all the people to work.

This same thing happened when they were looking to put people to work in computers, and what happen then is what is going to happen now to many people for the amount of jobs available, and if you look at jobs that are opening up now, if you want to get your job back after you had been laid off, you now have to go to college if you want your job back, this sounds like there is something rotten in America, and it sounds like P,D,R and Czars.

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