D.C. as Usual

By Fed Up

[Harry Reid] No matter how you say it cut it, the Democrats love to throw their weight around by threatening the American people by saying that their word is God and no one had better get in their way, and the Republicans just want to take every thing away from the American people and give it to the Rich. (nothing New)

[Social Security] Have you ever noticed that you are paying Federal Income Tax twice, Social Security was not suppose to be put into the general fund, but according to our Government, NO TAX is off the TABLE to Spend however they want, so what is the out come, Social Security is handed out to any one who asks for it whether they have paid into it or not,then when the bills come in they can’t pay them, WHY, they are handing out money out to other Countries, and pork so they can get reelected.

It is about time to get up off your YUPPIE ass and stop asking for every thing and learn where the money SHOULD be SPENT, and not on fancy things, it should be spent on roads and public transportation, not bigger roads, next thing there will be Toll Roads, State Income tax, if you ever allow that to get voted in you will regret it, look at this country today it seems that State and City with Income Tax are going under, and States without are suffering but are still in better shape and can get Companies to come here unless they keep taxing them right out of this state.

Look at Boeing, where did they go, they went where labor and taxes were lower, like some one told me is that they have to protect their GREEDY Stock holders, when I was in school I learned that the stock market was a gamble NOT a BANK ACCOUNT like it is today.

Harry Reid Threatens To Close Schools

Debt ceiling hysteria reaches new lows.
By John Hayward

What the kids well look forward to.


Shattering the Social Security Myth

Every senior citizen just joined the Tea Party.
By John Hayward

Will It Ever End

We are broke No Money

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