Forbes:10 Silliest Uses Of Taxpayer Money

By Fed Up
Just think how much waste is going on to special interest that we don’t know about, now they are threatening the American people about cutting off Pay, but nothing has been said about cutting back all their pay, so why should the American people pay the price because they don’t know how to spend our money, so now they say they can’t pay their bills. Can any one see why they would have any reason they can’t pay their bills???
They keep telling us live with in our means and stop buying things we can’t afford like Homes, Cars, and that is why we are in the position that we are in, WELL if they would stop catering to special interest and Yuppies and learn that money does not grow on trees we would not be where we are today.



Oh My God, Are We Doing That, That is A lot of Money

 $930 Million: On unnecessary printing costs

Federal agencies spend an estimated $2.6 billion on printing.
Many of those trees could have been spared–such as the ones used in the $28
million spent on the daily printing of over 4,500 copies of the congressional
records, which are also available online.

$175 Million: On an unused monkey house (and other structures).

Coburn asserts that the Department of Veteran Affairs spends
$175 million annually on upkeep of hundreds of empty buildings, including an
unused “monkey house.” The VA, according to the Dayton Daily News, disputes the
figure, claiming it only spent $34 million a year on such activities–roughly
equivalent, using median figures, to the annual income of 560 U.S. families.

$112 Million: On fraudulent tax reimbursements to prisoners

Not only does crime pay, it seems it keeps right on paying.

$47.6 Million: On streetcar system that runs the same rout as the subway
system below it 

Atlanta’s stimulus-funded streetcar project runs from
Centennial Olympic Park to Martin Luther King, Jr. Center–the exact rout
covered by the existing Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA).

$5 Million: On a three week conference for the FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration put up 3,600 employees
during at a training conference in Atlanta. Some attendees say it resembled a
three-week long party.

$4.2 Million: “Duplicative Shuttle Services for Federal Employees”

Taxpayers spent $18.5 million on a bus service for federal
government employees. Many shuttles run empty rather than pick up workers from
neighboring agencies, creating redundant routes.

Treadmills for shrimp: $3 million

Scientists created a study to see if sick shrimp displayed
the same endurance on a treadmill that a healthy shrimp did. This project boasts
the impressive price tag of 3 million dollars.
$2 Million: On a study about posting pictures online
$1.5 Million: On a laundry-folding robot
$1 Million: On a study about baby names
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