Obama: East Africa famine needs world to respond

Here In America


By Fed Up

I am not heartless, but how much can one Country give before they go Bankrupt, OH WE ARE, we can’t even take care of are own people, and I am getting tired of these Countries saying they need food and other things, when I have seen program after program of People going over to these Countries and teaching them how to farm with Equipment that they gave them to do the job, you see loads of food and medicine going there, they drilled for water for them, when are they going to start being self Sufficient and start doing it themselves and not depending so much on the World to take care of them.

Sure there are times in a disaster, but you don’t have a life time disaster unless you make it your self, we have disasters here that our Government has turned their backs on, and there were a lot of lives lost, and what have you heard SORRY Don’t have the money, or you don’t qualify a month after it is over, but happen somewhere else, they are on top of it like stink on shit.

Thank You For The Job

What is the problem, are they lazy just like the people here in America today, where they want every thing handed to them and not work for it, we have yuppies here today that want every thing, because they don’t want to live like their parents or grandparents, and they want every thing now and not later, and they want every one else to pay for it, while they sit back and draw Welfare and Food Stamps, and we can’t forget about the lobbyists, Special Interest and Environmentalist along with the Rich, SEE WHERE IT HAS GOTTEN US, LOOK, Look around this Country and see what NOW has done. (why are we broke, I don’t have a clue.) We know that it has not created full-time jobs, it has done the opposite, it has created more jobs for Computers.

I could go on About Housing, Medical, Wages, Cars, Food, Rents, Taxes, YOU wanted it now you got it, now you are stuck with it, AND NOW YOU CAN PAY FOR IT, unless there is another Great Depression that we are on the border of. WHATS YOUR COMMENT,  OH WELL, TOUGH, LIVE WITH IT, THAT IS WHAT TO EXPECT FROM STUPID PEOPLE who can’t wait and to work for it like their Parents did.


By DARLENE SUPERVILLE – Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama said Friday that the developing famine in eastern Africa hasn’t gotten enough attention from the U.S. and needs an international response in which Africa must be a partner.

He spoke after a White House meeting with the presidents of Benin, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Niger.

“We discussed how we can partner together to avert the looming humanitarian crisis in eastern African,” Obama said. “I think it hasn’t gotten as much attention here in the United States as it deserves.”

“But we’re starting to see famine developing in, along the Horn of Africa, in areas like Somalia in particular. And that’s going to require an international response. And Africa will have to be a partner in making sure that tens of thousands of people do not starve to death.”

A drought and famine in Somalia have affected more than 11 million people, including 2.2 million Somalis who live in an area controlled by the militant group, al-Shabab, where aid groups can’t deliver food.

The United Nations and the World Food Program delivered more than 50 tons of ready-to-use food and nutritional supplements to the capital of Mogadishu on Friday.

Obama said the four leaders are models for Africa because they have shown “extraordinary persistence” in promoting democracy despite great personal risk and enormous challenges, as in Ivory Coast.

Alassane Ouattara was elected president in Ivory Coast in November 2010 but had to sit on the sidelines for six months because Laurent Gbagbo refused to leave office. U.N. and French troops ultimately helped force Gbagbo from power, clearing the way for Ouattara to become president in April.

The three other leaders Obama met with are: Thomas Boni Yayi of Benin, Alpha Conde of Guinea and Mahamadou Issoufou of Niger.

Obama noted that the former French colonies have been independent for more than 50 years, a period that he said was marked by extraordinary progress and missed opportunities.

He said the leaders are committed to bringing democratic practices and economic prosperity and security to their people, and pledged that the “United States will stand with you every step of the way.”

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