Global Warming just keeps getting Colder

By Bob L.

I guess all those scientists who said it was getting colder were crackpots and did not know what they were talking about, and were called skeptics and just trying to get people to support their money profit scam.

Just think of all the hurricanes that hit this Country since some one said a few years back that they were going to get worse and that the Oceans were going to rise and then went out and Bought a home on the edge of the ocean.

Sure there is a problem about Global Warming, but it does not mean that you have to raise the cost and destroy this Country to solve the problem, it is team work, people and Companies to solve the problem, not Government to break this Country and the people like some want to do just to profit off people (or slaves) trying to make a living the best way they can without having to living on the street while trying to find a warm place to live, but these people along with the Government don’t seem to care what happens to this Country.

Insert from Cardinal George Pell:   [Note that it is not just weather but also “future climate states” that are not reliably predictable in the long term. As Mark Twain said, “Climate is what you expect: weather is what you get.” Neither is predictable.

Professor Bob Carter, Dr. David Evans, Professor Stewart Franks, and Dr. William Kininmonth have succinctly stated the case for the sceptics, a case which so far has been completely ignored by the Australian media and political class. The conclusions of the 2007 Fourth Assessment Report of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), they wrote, are “essentially reliant on computer modelling and lack empirical support”; its speculations on “the baleful influence of atmospheric carbon dioxide rest almost exclusively on unvalidated computer modelling that rests on unsubstantiated assumptions about the amplification effects of water vapour, clouds and other unverifiable factors.” The predictions based on these models “have been wrong for the last 23 years” 2001 carbon dioxide has increased by five per cent, but the atmosphere has failed to warm.

The influence of various solar mechanisms (such as sunspot activity) and changing ocean circulation, which are poorly understood, are “omitted from the climate models” as the occasional mighty eruption of Krakatoa or Mount Saint Helens or the continuing eruptions deep in the ocean, brought to public attention by Professor Ian Plimer.

While causal physical principles such as the greenhouse effect are known, much else has not been established definitively. Such uncertainties include the already-mentioned water vapour multipliers, sunspot activities and cloud formation, as well as deforestation, soil carbon and aerosols. We should also add variations of the earth’s orbital parameters, asteroid and comet impacts, and variations in cosmic rays.]


At least three deaths as snowstorm hits Northeast

By Lauren Keiper
Sun.10 30 2011

BOSTON (Reuters) – A rare October snowstorm barreled up the East Coast on Saturday, cutting power to more than two million households, forcing cancellation of scores of airline flights and causing at least three deaths. Read the rest HERE



Freezing temperatures and snowfalls grip Europe

Heavy snowfall and plummeting temperatures are gripping Europe, with three bodies pulled from a Swiss avalanche, raising to seven the death toll in the country’s worst avalanche disaster in more than a decade.

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One thought on “Global Warming just keeps getting Colder

  1. Skeptic finds he now agrees global warming is real

    “WASHINGTON (AP) — A prominent physicist and skeptic of global warming spent two years trying to find out if mainstream climate scientists were wrong. In the end, he determined they were right: Temperatures really are rising rapidly.

    The study of the world’s surface temperatures by Richard Muller was partially bankrolled by a foundation connected to global warming deniers. “

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