Union-Bought Democrat Calls For End Of Congressional Probe Into Obama’s NLRB

By Government & Union Greed

The BIG Problem in the World today, is GREED!!!!! And why have Companies gone to outsourcing, (1) Government, (2) Unions, (3) Bigger Profits.

Now we have a Country that picks and choose who is going to get a job, don’t they call this DISCRIMINATION.

Did any one lose their job over this, NO, it just did not produce more UNION Profits, it put people to work, but the Government and the Unions don’t care, they only care when it is them that gets these good Paying Jobs and Profits. Queen Nancy: Government Should Shut Down Boeing Plant for Refusing to Unionize, does this sound like they want people back to work, it is Government trying to take over this Country, and who is at the helm, can it be Obamacare, Obama motors, Obama banks, Obama Green Jobs, what else does Obama have control of, Oh Ya, Obama’s National Labor Relations Board.

Unions and the Government should be more concerned about people out of work, the union says they protect working people from Sweat Shop companies who exploit people in these sweat shops, and there are some unions that protect these sweat shops in this Country, if you get out and look, you will find them, but they don’t want them exposed, if they did it would show how bad unions are, just look at their pay package and perks, compared to their members.

The sad part in this Country is, that there are unions that don’t protect workers, they protect the Companies, and the worst part is that they pay slave wages, so how can you expect people to want a union to speak for them, when they are paying them to protect them from this type of company.

Now on the other side of the coin, there Companies that pay better than union wages and benefits, here the Union Pickets them saying they are Unfair to Unions, not labor, so it has gotten to the point that unions are only for them selves and not the people, they are nothing but a Company in them selves.

You know our government says that they want to get people back to work, but every time you turn around they are putting  up road blocks so they can’t get a job, some good examples, higher College grads, returning soldiers, why give priority, if the Government would get off their asses and stop blaming each other for the problem, then maybe we could probable get NINETY PERCENT of the people back to work, but it takes both Government and Businesses to work together, not Government telling Businesses to higher, because it is the Government that is stopping jobs.


Posted by LaborUnionReport (Diary)
Thursday, November 10th

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D) is from Maryland. He doesn’t like the fact that Lindsay Graham (R) from South Carolina is fighting the union appointees at the National Labor Relations Board and their attempt to shut down Boeing’s new 787 assembly line in Graham’s own state. Read More

State and Federal Poster Inc. Warns Big Companies that There is a New National Labor Relations Board that Needs to be Posted in the Upcoming Weeks

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