Look In the Mirror but Don’t Blame the Messenger for the Problems

By Who is at Fault

People amaze me today, you have the haves and the have not’s, and in the middle you have the yuppies, the haves want more, the have not’s just want to be able to take care of their families, and then you have the yuppies who have to have the best and the fanciest and don’t care who they hurt to get it, they used to be called Wannabe’s.

People today are so brain washed they don’t know the different from right or wrong, so they started becoming Environmentalists, and Special Interest, and by doing this they show that they don’t have a brain, they only believe in what someone else tells them.

People today complain about GUNS, then go out and buy their kids PAINT GUNS to shoot each other, they get them LASER TAG to shoot each other, they let them watch violent TV programs, and MOVIES, and then go out and buy violent VIDEO GAMES, and then have the nerve to blame guns for the problems and why there is so much gun Violence today, and then want gun control. Well WHO started the problem? Here is a good one, Guns Kill, NO People Kill, GUNS ONLY DO WHAT PEOPLE DO; GUNS don’t PULL the TRIGGER, People Do, and these problems all go back to parents who don’t care what their kids do, if they did these kids would not be running the streets at all hours of the Day and Night.

Remember years back as Kids, we were told not to point anything at someone unless you planned to do something about it

Let’s mention wars, the same thing goes, wars don’t start themselves, people and Politicians do.

People today are nothing but Hypocrites, Bigots, Racist and Vain, they say they are Educated, but look at the condition of this Country today compared to this Country back in the 40’s 50’s and 60’s, after that Education became Brain Washing.

Look back in 1962, they were talking about water conservation, harnessing free-flowing rivers for power, today they want to restore them back to free-flowing and wasting all the power that they can to produce cheaper power then Oil, Coal, and National Gas, look what happen when they used Natural Gas, Propane, and Diesel in cars, prices went up, this is what global warming is doing for profiteers, big profits, this is where Greed takes over.

Let’s talk more about water conservation, Environmentalists, Special Interest Groups, and Yuppies say we have to protect it, but let’s look at what they are doing for this, building bigger and fancier Highways, pouring more Concrete, laying more Asphalt, building bigger and fancier Homes, and leveling Forests to build these home on these forest lands that is being leveled, and then Export what is not being used, this changes how weather will be as time goes by, and then what will you do for Oxygen, it takes these trees to purify the air and produce Oxygen we need to survive.

Trees filter rain and lets the water soak in cleaning it taking out the impurities which helps trees grow, and this water seeps back into the rivers to help us get food out of them, then you have farms they talk about the world starving, well they take the water from them the farmer, they take the food away to produce gasoline, they take the farm land to build more big fancy homes, and what happens to all this water, it runs off dirty and is not being cleaned before it goes back to contaminate the rivers and the sea.

So as it all ends, you will have to give up for what you ask, and if you have not noticed you cannot have it both ways, the Governments will not let it happen.

There are many sayings, but here is a couple of them, what COMES around GO”S around, for every ACTION there is a REACTION, people today cannot see past their nose so they jump right in the middle of what someone tells them and not knowing what the outcome will be, they don’t care what will happen, just as long as they get what they want, and can make a big profit before the REACTION from the ACTION catches up to them, by then it is too late to change back, the damage is done.

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