By Are you getting tired of supporting the rich.

Just look at all this money that is being raised to get these  liars in to office to tell the American people that they need to raise taxes to get the debt down to pay for all their pork bills, NOW if they can raise this much money to stand up there and lie to the American people, WHY don’t they take that money, PLUS some of their millions that buys all these home they have and put it in to the debt, then you can say they are putting their money where their mouth is instead of putting the burden on the poor.


Obama, DNC raise $68M in fourth quarter

By Amie Parnes

The Obama campaign raised $68 million during the last quarter, campaign manager Jim Messina told supporters in a web video on Thursday.

Messina said the campaign is off to a “pretty good start” with 1.3 million Americans giving money to the campaign, 583,000 people donating to the campaign this quarter and more than 200,000 giving to the campaign for the first time.  The numbers bring the Obama campaign’s grand fundraising total to $222 million.

The campaign manager added that 98 percent of those donations are $250 or less and that the grassroots effort is a “stark contrast to what we’ve seen on the other side.”

The Obama numbers best GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney’s $24 million total for the quarter. Romney however is also pulling in money from his super-PAC.

However, Obama’s figures are a decrease from the $70 million the campaign and Democratic National Committee raised in the previous quarter and below what the Bush-Cheney team raised during their reelection period.

The Obama campaign is keeping pressure on supporters to continue contributing ahead of what promises to be a costly general election fight.

“Too many Obama supporters think we don’t need their money or they don’t need to give now,” Messina said in the video message. “In fact in the past week I’ve gotten emails that say ‘Oh you don’t need our money’ or ‘You’re going to raise a billion dollars why do you need my money?’

“Look, I totally get why people would think that but they’re completely wrong,” Messina continued, adding “the billion dollar number is completely untrue.”

He said that in order for the campaign to be successful, it “has to build a neighborhood organization on the ground.”

“The only way this thing works is if each of you take a piece of the campaign and help build the best grassroots campaign in modern political history,” he said. “That means giving now and giving as much as you can between now and when Barack Obama wins in November.”

Messina said the campaign was successful in 2008 because every supporter viewed their role as “absolutely essential” but that the campaign is “in danger of letting that very belief system slip through our fingers this time.”

In the video, Messina also railed against the Republican National Committee for wanting corporations to be allowed to donate directly to campaigns.

“Our opponents don’t have the kind of grassroots operation we have,” Messina said. “In fact they don’t even believe it. Last week, the Republican party filed a court brief asking that corporations be allowed to contribute directly to campaigns.

“We have a very different view of how to do politics. We think that grassroots campaigns start with small donations and volunteer efforts from people all across this country, people like you.”

Earlier this week, he also attended two fundraisers in Washington. At one event, supporters donated $45,000 a piece.

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