A Public Offical makes a Boo-Boo, Times Two

By Against todays two party system

I have not said whether it was Man, Woman, Child, the people who do this know who they are, and an Educated person should have better sense then to spout off like this unless they really are this type of person that does not care about this Country but themselves and what THEY can get out of it.

Here is a good example of this Country becoming racist, bigots, you name it you will come up with what is wrong with this Country today, and people have gotten so wrapped up in to themselves that they think that they can do or say anything they want and are not accountable.

Today this is the problem with the political system, they are so wrapped in themselves that they don’t care about this Country, just their party affiliation, and just look at what they are doing, they are destroying this Country for their own gain, and not for the good of the Country.

When someone gets up in front of a group of students and makes comments like, when asked a question about the other political party and its relationship with black voters, the answer was, Republicans can’t effectively court the black vote because “you can’t get around that they’re racist.” and then come back to say I meant to say the GOP’s big challenge is the perception they’re racist. Then said blacks and Republicans actually share many values. Now is this the Education that Obama and the Democratic party want taught in school and on the street, and on the other hand the Republicans are no better, they are teaching students to care more for themselves than get a good education to get this Country back on their feet.

We need to throw out the party system and make them become one, and no more than two representatives from each State, this way you will have One Hundred that are getting paid, what is it now thousand that are on the payroll, JUST think of the SAVINGS, and just think of the money saved from redistricting every year.

And when you get around to what is going on, the Government (college educated, I don’t think so) is a poor example of Education, they can’t even balance the Federal check, they get elected and think that that money is theirs to do with whatever they want and not have to be held accountable for what they are doing.

And to get an education today they say you have to go to College which is a cover up to a good education that could be taught in K through twelve, but see they don’t teach here like they do in most Foreign Countries, here it is the same thing year after year and no vocational classes in NINE through TWELVE, maybe if they taught this in class then maybe they would not have so many skipping school, and they need to stop all this testing, if you want all this testing then make teachers and the administrators do it, all this is doing is showing that they are not teaching in class, to much of it goes home to be done.

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