Freedom is not Free, It Takes Proud Americans to Keep Freedom

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Here is a story of a proud American who along with many who wanted to defend his Country and gave their lives to protect our Constitution and some have paid the price with the loss of legs, arms, and mental problems, NOW, can our President say this, has he put his life on the line to protect this Country, or did he spend his time dodging his duty like Bush hiding behind a PEN and PENCIL.

Does any one know if our unqualified Leader has ever served in our Military on the front lines to protect the United States and its Constitution, or is he one of those jack of all but knows nothing, an  fly’s by the seat of his pants and flips a coin to see what his next order will be, and then blames some one else when it all goes wrong, and takes credit if by chance it just happen to go right.


Deployed 2 weeks, JBLM soldier killed in Afghanistan

Spc. Philip Schiller had watched more than half of his Stryker brigade leave Joint Base Lewis-McChord for Afghanistan in December. His infantry battalion stayed behind, continuing to train and awaiting further orders.

CHRISTIAN HILL; Staff writer
Published: 04/14/12

His “adopted” mother recalled that Schiller, who turned 21 in February, was excited about deploying to serve his country. That chance came last month.

On his Facebook page, Schiller posted a short message on March 26: “well i made it guys.”

“He always said if he had to die young, he wanted to die serving his country,” Colleen Richmond said in a phone interview Friday.

His words proved prophetic when Schiller died in Kandahar province after an enemy attack on his unit with small-arms fire, the Pentagon announced Friday.

His death Wednesday came two weeks after he joined the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division for his first combat deployment. He was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

Schiller grew up in Connecticut and in 2009 moved in with his sister living in The Colony, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, Richmond said. Schiller became best friends with Richmond’s son – they both joined their high school’s JROTC program – and “adopted” Richmond as his mother.

Richmond said Schiller was always friendly and helpful, “the son everyone wants.” He and her son, Joshua, 20, would play electronic guitar and video games on weekends.

Schiller left for boot camp in August 2010 shortly after graduating from high school and arrived at Lewis-McChord that November. He was assigned to the brigade’s 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment.

He is the second soldier from the brigade to die during its deployment. The first casualty was Lt. David Johnson, who was killed by a mine during a foot patrol in late January, also in Kandahar province.

Schiller is the second service member with ties to the Tacoma area to die in Afghanistan this week. Marine Lance Cpl. Ramon Kaipat, a 2007 graduate of Mount Tahoma High School, lost his life Wednesday during combat operations in Helmand province.

Richmond said she’s received emails from Schiller’s platoonmates that he was happy to be serving in Afghanistan.

On Thursday, the wife of one of those soldiers broke the news of Schiller’s death in an email. On Friday, the wife gave details of his death: that a bullet slipped past his body armor and mortally wounded Schiller, though he continued to provide cover fire to protect other soldiers.

Another soldier was shot in the ankle during the attack, the wife told her.

Richmond said she has stopped crying only once since learning of his death.

“I lost of piece of my heart,” she said.

Christian Hill: 253-274-7390 christian.hill Twitter: @TNTchill

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