Picture of a true Illegal from Mexico

Comment By Does this not make sense

This is not right, Mexicans coming here illegally to feed their families, WHY, YES WAY are they coming here, is it to stir up Racial tensions, which it is doing because of Certain people in this Country that will do any thing to divide this Country, instead of going to the source of WHY are they coming here. I would say it was because Mexico does not want to provide jobs for their own people, why, because they call themselves a poor Country and they would rather get their money from the U.S. instead of providing their own JOBS.

Now ALL you goody two shoes, go after the source of no job there and here, don’t go after Americans who are going by the The U.S. CONSTITUTION, don’t make us the BAD GUYS for what the Governments of these Counties won’t do for their own people, go after them for lack human rights protection. (Get that D.C.) They all like to tax but they don’t want to protect incomes of Private Workers. (Only Public Workers)

A good example to what is going on in this Country, the Government chases companies out, and then lets companies that are still here bring people from other Countries to work, even though millions are out of work here.

Look around and you will see these Agitators on the spot before it hits the news so they will get their names in the headlines saying that they are protecting them from racism which can not be any farther from the truth, it is only for publicity and to keep this Country Divided.


Marco Rubio says he would come to the U.S. illegally if he had to

By Chris Moody, Yahoo! News The Ticket

Hypothetically, if Marco Rubio were not an American citizen and could not provide food for his family, he says he would cross the border illegally to come to the United States.

While discussing immigration policy in his new memoir, An American Son, Rubio called for “common decency” in dealing with undocumented immigrants and said that if put in a similar position as those who are fleeing destitution, he would break the law, too.

“Many people who come here illegally are doing exactly what we would do if we lived in a country where we couldn’t feed our families,” Rubio writes in his book, which went on sale Tuesday.  “If my kids went to sleep hungry every night and my country didn’t give me an opportunity to feed them, there isn’t a law, no matter how restrictive, that would prevent me from coming here.”

Rubio, a member of a political party that has largely opposed efforts to extend a path to citizenship to those in the country without documentation, has been crafting his own version of an immigration reform bill that would let some children of undocumented immigrants avoid being deported.

Rubio is considered a possible vice presidential running mate for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who spent the primary season voicing opposition to an immigration plan that would give those who came illegally permanent residency or citizenship without returning to their home country first.

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