Taxing Bringing Down Cities Businesses and People

 Comment By Bob L.

Think About Gold-bar, Normandy Park, Orting , just a few going down, now who is going to be next to learn the hard way before they find out money does not grow on trees, and keep going after the Taxpayers to keep doing what they are doing (miss use of money), like they say what goes up must come down, or you get what you ask for.

Come on people why do you think we are here today, POOR money management by Politicians who think they have a blank check, and don’t have the BRAINS to say NO, and just think these people went to College, Really, you can not prove it by the way they run these Cities, Counties, and our Country, they act like a little kid who just got a Credit Care and buy every thing in sight, and then tries to cover it before his parents find out what he did.

The American people are getting the blunt of all problems that these politicians are throwing at the American people because of Governments ignorance on how to use money wisely , so what happens is they make us pay for every thing that comes alone that they want, but don’t want to hold them responsible for it, like Pierce Transit, Sound Transit, 911 expansion, Public Employees retirement and medical, who pays for the private sector, well if this keeps up wages are going to have to fall back to Minimum wage with every one paying for their own benefits, and keep this UP and every one will be like these Town now that are ether going to cease to exist or learn how to cut their spending, they got one choice of what to do, and that is to cut spending.

Now they want the People to bail out Pierce Transit with a Tax increase, they want to raise license fees to Twenty Dollars to pay for more bail outs of others, they want us to pay for privatized public parks, and being we live in one of the County that EPA and Olympia says has high air pollution (and why is that, because a lot of the cars coming in to these Counties come out of Thurston County to work in these Counties with E-Check), so these Counties have to pay for E-Check if they want to drive their cars, not the ones out side of these Counties.

How much more money can be taken from people who are close to living on the street and trying to find a way to keep them selves and their children fed and a warm place to sleep every night, how about jobs, will there be any for the American people any time soon, or are the jobs going to be assigned to New College grads. or a certain group of people picked by the Government, is this what you call a free Country, I call it a nanny Country run with Dictators.

How about the farmers who are getting squeezed by more regulation from EPA, Environmentalists, and Special Interest Groups who want to take over the Family Farm by Big Corporations, or take the land to build more homes, ether way this will put more cost on people to buy food and are closer to becoming Home less 

It is time for these Public Officials start taking responsibilities for their Actions and find other ways to repay for their ignorance, other than go after the American People, the American people do, or they lose every thing that they worked for, and the same thing should go for all Government Agencies, learn that this Money to you is not free, people have to work for it just like Government, Government has to work for it and spend it wisely and not give it to any one that comes along.

People should start telling Public Officials to use this money wisely or vote them out and put people in who can, and it is time to tell them they have had enough and are not going to keep paying so Government can keep growing, and building things that we don’t need.

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