What is this Country Coming To?? Money Grubber’s????

Comment by Being a Good Citizen What you get for it.

What is Happening to this Country today? This is why people today are not stepping to help people who in trouble, and why they look the other way. This article is a good example why.

It seem to be a good Citizen today you are opening your self up for a Law Suit or a Bill for saving some ones life, when is this going to end, when people who care Finally get tired of  sticking their neck out for what is happening, and say that you are on your own we don’t care if you DIE or get HURT, some all ready do that, but these are the people who are the cause of this happening.

ONE WORD OF ADVISE, if you call in a report of some one hurt in any way to the police or any other place, NEVER SAY THAT AN AMBULANCE IS NEEDED, or you will get the bills for such services if that person refuses the AMBULANCE when it gets there, leave it to the police or the Fire to make that decision, or you might be held responsible for the bill, just like this Life Guard.


Lifeguard gets $2,600 bill after rescuing boy from surf

By Ron Recinto The Lookout

Seventeen-year-old John Clark of Vancouver, Wash. knew what to do when he saw a boy struggling to stay afloat in the surf off the Oregon coast.

The trained pool lifeguard jumped through the breakers and heavy swells to reach the boy in the ocean, reports KOIN-TV. Clark then calmed the boy, and then kept him afloat until watercraft arrived to take them to shore, reports KOIN-TV.

“I don’t know exactly how big the swells were,” Clark told the TV station, “but they were big enough to push both of us underwater — all the way down to where we were touching sand.”

An ambulance came and took the 12-year-old boy wrapped in a towel, and Clark — who complained of a headache — to the hospital.

Clark thought it was standard procedure until a few weeks later when he was shocked at the bill from the hospital.

The emergency room bill came to $449. The physician’s bill was $227. The 15-mile ride in the ambulance was $1,907. The total bill for saving a young man’s life was nearly $2,600.

“I had a feeling there would be a bill,” Clark told the news station. “But I didn’t know how much it would be, and I kind of feel bad for the fact that it’s so expensive. But I couldn’t just let the kid go — I had to do something.”

He and his family are making arrangements to pay the bill.

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