Is There Any Wonder Why

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Is there any wonder why no one knows what is going on in this country with the way the American News Media puts a spin on how they turn the stories to make it sound like a perfect Country where nothing bad is going on, and a good example is what is going on in Government, or what is not going on in Government, and that this Country is going down in Flames under this Administration, not just Obama, but every one he has put in his administration to do his job while he spends all his time in Air Force One, and His Wife in Air Force Two.

This is a good example of the News Media today that says what they want and how they want to say it, even if it is Covering up the Truth to what is really going on, even to protect people in Office and who they are for, and people who they are not for, they will blast them any way they can, truth or not.

Are these people working for the Terrorists, the Government, or America, Does Any One Know??

The Atlantic Wire
By John Hudson | The Atlantic Wire
Wed, Aug 8, 2012

CNN botched an exposé about white power rock bands by including the group Hatebreed (not a white power group) among a list of white supremacist bands. CNN eventually posted a correction but not before its fans made an impassioned defense: Sure this band has hate-filled songs, but not racist, white supremacist hate-filled songs! 

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The CNN story on bands like Fueled by Hate, Hate Crime, Jew Slaughter and White Terror was pegged to the revelation that Wade Page, the suspect of this week’s massacre at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, performed in two white power bands: End Apathy and Definite Hate. It was written by the Anti-Defamation League’s Lonnie Nasatir and shortly after it was published, members of Hatebreed, fans and hardcore metal bloggers launched a campaign against the network..


Criticism Over American Networks’ Late Arrival to Libya Coverage

Adam Clark Estes
Aug 22, 2011

The Libyan rebels storming Tripoli is one of this summer’s biggest stories, but a lot of people are wondering why American networks didn’t treat it with more urgency. Al-Jazeera lead the way with live coverage of the developments streaming online and on TV for much of the day. The image of Al-Jazeera reporter Zeina Khodr wearing a helmet and flak jacket, yelling her updates over the sound of gunfire in Green Square contrasts starkly with those offered by CNN, Fox News and MSNBC early Sunday evening. “Tripoli is falling and CNN, Fox and MSNBC got nuttin’,” tweeted Slate’s Jack Shafer around 5:30. He followed up a few minutes later with this snapshot, “CNN: Casey Anthony’ Fox: Fox rolling old tape of Libya. MSNBC: Moldy documentary.” READ MORE

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