Health care law’s tax hikes are coming: Who pays? Oh Every One!

Comment To The Greedy

I have come to the conclusion that Americans Do not care what happens to this Country, it seem that they would rather see it go Bankrupt then give up pay packages.

Today Americans WANT to much and don’t look at what the outcome will be, where do we start to look for the problem of going Bankrupt, I guess the first place to start is with the State, County, and City, they spend money they don’t have, so they go out and borrow money to do things that they and the people want, and if they don’t have enough they raise Taxes, well if you have not noticed that leads to your tax base to leave for cheaper places to set up.

Then you have some people who have to have the best and won’t settle for any thing less, so now we are on a slid to destruction and eventually bankruptcy, but in the mean time these people don’t want to give in on their Wants and Wages, a good example is this Obamacare, they want it because it has things in it that they want, but do you think that they would want it if it was going to hurt their Kids and Grand-kids in the Future, because of their own personal greed, lets see if they want it when they get the full impact.

People today want things like Sports Stadiums, Hiking Trails, Bicycle Trails, bigger Highways, Fancy Street work and Circles instead of a typical intersection, Art Museums, Live Stage and Music Halls, and you can go on and on and you can see what money is spent on that is not needed, so what is the out come, Job Losses by companies leaving, homes Depreciate and foreclosed on, in the mean time they are all raising Taxes to make up for their losses, and while this is going on, it raises rents and house payments, and where does that leave every on, if they can not find a job to pay for all these increases, they leave or have to find a safe place to set up a home on the street.


I was watching a special on why the United States, States, and their municipalities are filing for bankruptcy, It all goes to greed, and this starts at the top on down, they refuse to give up their wages, the ones that are always targeted first are Fire and Police then comes other Public Servants, then they go to them selves in the Office. (greed) And they for get, they DO NOT SELL A PRODUCT, JUST LIVE ON TAXES.

Private work force is not Exempt from greed, they want more so they can pay increases in taxes and services sent down from State, County, and City Governments. But you can not blame them for not wanting to give up their pay when Public Servants keep wanting more. (greed)

Now you have Corporations that are doing the same thing, they are getting big Wages and Bonuses while blaming its work force and Unions for them not making a profit, but put on the brakes here, what is the pay of all these Corporations Top  Executives and Board Members, here you can say, WOW, these people refuse to put this money back in to the company and its Employees who create a Product for them to sell. (greed)


Associated Press

Health care law’s tax hikes are coming: Who pays?

By CONNIE CASS, Associated Press
Aug. 09, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — Who gets thumped by higher taxes in President Barack Obama’s health care law? The wealthiest 2 percent of Americans will take the biggest hit, starting next year. And the pain will be shared by some who aren’t so well off — people swept up in a hodgepodge of smaller tax changes that will help finance health coverage for millions in need. READ MORE

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