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Idiots Electing Idiots

Comments For Idiots who believe in Democrats

This is how stupid Democrats are, they believe that if you raise the price of gas, they will save money, but the savings are in Health, well if you are young and have a good job, than maybe you can save money, but the older you get your health penalties will go up, so where is the savings.

Does this mean that they are going to do the same thing with pollen, dust in the home and out side by getting rid of all trees and plants, and cover up any thing that could stir up dust, so there is no Oxygen, or no where for water to go except the rivers and Oceans not the water table.

Has any one found out who is going to profit on Obamacare, or who is going to profit if the price of gas goes up, the people who have stock in them, but at this time it is in some one else s name until retirement come along, and then it will come out that it is under their families name, or under a maiden name.

Lets take AARP, did they back Obamacare, are they really for American Citizens, or for them selves.

AARP Profits from ObamaCare at the Expense of American Seniors, New Report Shows   Posted by Kevin Smith
AARP Investigation Reveals Obamacare Will Enrich Non-Profit Seniors Lobby   By Robert Bluey

And you want to trust the Democrats who only think of their own pocket-book.


Senators push Obama to propose clean gasoline rules

By Timothy Gardner | Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A group of Democratic senators on Thursday will urge the Obama administration to propose rules to cut smog-forming emissions from gasoline, regulations opposed by many Republicans.

The lawmakers, led by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand from New York, want the Environmental Protection Agency to propose rules that would slash the sulfur content in gasoline this year and to finalize them next year.

“Tier 3 will substantially reduce harmful pollutants that are responsible for health-related ailments such as heart attacks, premature death, asthma attacks and other chronic lung diseases,” Gillibrand, a member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said in a letter obtained by Reuters that will be sent to President Barack Obama later on Thursday.

The rules, which had been expected to be proposed early in 2012, would require the sulfur content of gasoline to be cut to 10 parts per million, down from the current 30 ppm standard. Republican lawmakers have opposed the rules saying they would add costs to refiners and put jobs at risk.

The American Petroleum Institute, the main energy industry lobbying group, has said the rules could increase operating costs for refiners by up to 9 cents a gallon.

Ed Whitfield, a Republican in the House of Representatives, introduced a bill this year to stop the EPA from issuing the rules.

The EPA, however, has testified before Congress the price of cleaner gasoline would be closer to a penny a gallon, and even those costs would be greatly surpassed by savings in healthcare bills from reductions in lung-harming smog.

The senators quoted in the letter a study released in June by Navigant Consulting that said the rules could reduce health care costs by $5 billion or $6 billion a year by 2020 and double that by 2030.

The rules will also create over 30,000 new jobs over three years for installation and operation of equipment at the nation’s oil refineries, the senators said in the letter.

The letter signed by 13 senators include Dick Durbin, a close Obama ally from Illinois, Joe Lieberman, a Connecticut independent who caucuses with Democrats, and Oregon’s Jeff Merkley.

A health advocate hoped the pressure would push the clean gasoline rules forward.

“This letter should send a strong signal to EPA and the White House that this should be a high priority, not something stuck in the bowels of the bureaucracy,” said Frank O’Donnell, president of Clean Air Watch.

Before the election early this month, the Obama administration delayed several rules on emissions and oil and natural gas operations.

Now, the administration will likely roll out rules, many of which have been required by court orders, analysts say.

(Reporting by Timothy Gardner; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)

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In Fighting Will Never Protect America!

people_32.gif (9824 bytes)Are YOU yes YOU are you Fed-Up

This Country will never get any thing done until this Country get rid of the TWO PARTY system, as long as it runs this way we are going to have in fighting, and nothing will get done unless they use pork to bribe for passage, just like the Democrats did to fast track programs to get them pasted before any one knew what happen and stop it, that is why Democrats hide behind closed doors.

I don’t know about you but I am getting tired of all this in fighting in all these Government Agencies, you turn on a radio, TV, Computer and what do you get, the news media lies about what the Government is doing, we are all work together, this a lie from the Government.

Here is what you see in the news that tries to tell you the truth these articles can be read on: Dems accuse GOP of Continue reading

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Lets Put the Blame Where it Belongs

people_32.gif (9824 bytes)By FED-UP

Who do we really blame for the destruction of our freedom from finding a good job without having to fight foreign workers brought in for these jobs, is it the Government, Corporations, unions, that get outrages wages or is it all of them, or is the Average U.S. worker who has given up knowing that they will never have the chance of  having the American Dream????

Open your EYES people this Country is in TROUBLE in many ways, by Unemployment, Religion, Freedom, tax base to keep this Country free.

After reading this article Unemployed find old jobs now require updated skills, I now under stand why Obama is pushing more EDUCATION, lets see, did not Obama Administration take over School loans, this way they are spreading the wealth to the rich, so if you want to get your old job back you have to go back to school, and if you don’t have the money you have to borrow it from them or put in ten years in his camp if you can’t pay it back so they say. So today if you want a JOB, you have to go line some ones pockets if you want to go back to work.

Democrats Took Control of Government JANUARY 4, 2007, this means Bush Republicans only had control for FIVE years, not Eight, in JANUARY 4, 2005 Obama became a Senator, G.W. Bush took office JANUARY 20,2005 to JANUARY 2009 and on JANUARY 20, 2009, Obama took control as President, that is THREE YEARS after the Democrats took over control of the Government while Bush was in Office, NOW where can any one say G.W.Bush and the Republicans brought this Country down, the way I see it, Obama had a big hand in the destruction of the unemployed and the destruction of breaking the bank.

[ Obama warned that if Republicans manage to take back Congress they will follow “the same agenda” that led to the worst economic downturn in decades: “let corporations play by their own rules,” slash taxes for the rich and pay for it by cutting investments in education, clean energy and research and development.]

Congressional Record  109th Congress, (2005-2006)

110th Congress, (2007-2008)

111th Congress (2009-2010)

The part that is the most IRRITATING is that the Democrats and Obama have the GULL TO Blame it all on Bush and the Republicans and say we had nothing to do with it, check their history.

Sure we can put the blame with other Administrations because they all have made mistake, but this Administration is the worst I have seen, ya we can’t for get Nixon or ford, but they did not take this Country into the twenty-second or farther century to get out of debt like Bush or Obama.

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