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Dictators are now taking away U.S. freedoms For Money

Comment For Nay Sayers saying it is not Happening
Sept. 6-2012

This is for Nay Sayers who says that this Country is not being divided since Obama became President.

This administration is Dividing this Country and has no regard for this Country and the American Worker or Voter, they have gotten to where from Obama, His Czars, His Cabinet, and his Wife are now the President of this Country and have to the point of Dictating from what you are going to Eat, How you are going going to Vote and Who is going to Work, and who is not, and how much Money you are going to make by How far you went in School, other words, if you don’t have a College Degree, or belong to a Union, you are not going to have a job.


How one woman giving away free water bottles turned into a viral, political protest

Eric Pfeiffer, Yahoo! News The Sideshow

Dana Crow-Smith first got into trouble with Arizona police when she stepped onto public property while handing out free bottles of water during a July arts event. But the Phoenix resident now says she was expressing her Christian faith and has enlisted the help of at least one national organization that is threatening to sue the city.

Police issued Crow-Smith a warning, saying she needed a vendor’s permit after handing out the water during a First Friday Art Walk on July 6. A Phoenix city memo states that Crow-Smith violated an ordinance requiring permits for “vending, selling, serving, displaying, offering for sale or giving away goods, wares, or merchandise or food from either a mobile vending unit or a mobile food vending unit.”

“I don’t even think it’s about religious beliefs, I think anybody should be able to give away water, on the sidewalk to anybody. It’s hot, and it’s a nice thing to do,” Crow-Smith said in an August interview with a local ABC affiliate.

The Arizona Republic reports that an online protest campaign has gained steam since the incident was first reported.

 A conservative group called We Like Small Government first posted about Crow-Smith on its Facebook page, which generated several thousand likes and was subsequently shared across the conservative blogosphere.

And now, Virginia-based Christian-rights organization The Rutherford Institute has formally taken up her cause, threatening to sue the city if Phoenix officials do not apologize to Crow-Smith.

In a letter to Phoenix city officials, Rutherford attorney Doug Drury says the ordinance does not apply to Crow-Smith, since she was giving away the water bottles for free. “Ms. Crow-Smith’s conduct was a manifestation of her sincerely held religious beliefs,” the letter adds.

However, Phoenix officials say they are not likely to change their position, noting they only gave Crow-Smith a warning rather than a fine.

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White House decided to downplay the expensive Halloween party

By Was there a cover up by the Media

Is this how we save money when this country is so far in debt, and when people are losing every thing, and then have media cover it up as usual.

Is this any way for our Government to show our kids how to save money and learn its value.

Now that it is out they want to down play it as though it was nothing.


By Eric Pfeiffer The Sideshow

A new book reports that the Obama White House hosted an extravagant “Alice in Wonderland” party in the fall of 2009, designed by director Tim Burton and featuring actor Johnny Depp. Continue reading

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Obama to U.S. Unemployed

By Wishing you all well.

Obama tells Unemployed to stop looking for a job untill Returning Military gets work first, you know this is the way to start wars by turning people against each other.

What happen to this Obama jobs bill, Oh that was to keep public employees  working, not America, now military, what happen to putting all America back to work, or is this just more smoke as usual to get ELECTED.


Obama signs bipartisan bill to help jobless vets

JULIE PACE Associated Press
[President Barack Obama waves as he walks off stage after signing legislation that will provide tax credits to help put veterans back to work, Monday, Nov. 21, 2011, during a ceremony at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House complex in Washington. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash. talks with first lady Michelle Obama behind the president, Vice President Joe Biden is at right.]  (AP Photo/Pablo Monsivais) Continue reading

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First lady’s plane forced to abort landing due to air traffic controller’s mistake

Fed up

Yes with politicians who cost the tax payer money that is miss spent like this.
Now WHY does she need her own private plane, she is not the President or the Vice President.
By Holly Bailey
Tue Apr 19

A plane carrying First Lady Michelle Obama was forced to abort a landing at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington Monday when it came too close to a cargo jet already on the runway.

Federal officials tell the Washington Post the incident was caused by an air traffic controller’s mistake. The mishap comes as the Federal Aviation Administration deals with fallout over air traffic controllers caught sleeping and watching movies while on the job.

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