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National Labor Relations Board, force all businesses to turn over workers’ phone numbers, emails and MORE

Comment By Bob L.

People Complain about Cameras on public streets and Businesses being invasion of privacy, what would you say about the Government and Unions forcing Businesses to turn over your personal information to the Unions so they can call and harass you to join the Union, this would definitely be invasion of privacy, there is no reason for the Union or Government to have this information except for HARASSMENT AND INTIMIDATION. All States should be right to work states, it is not up to the Unions or the Government to say who can work and not work among Legal American Citizens.

If Obama and the  National Labor Relations Board get their way you will lose what privacy and be under Total Control of the Government and Unions, FREEDOM LOST.

WHO is running this Country?????

In this Picture I don’t see a President of the American People I see him as a very Corrupt Leader as Hitler was.

[This Aug. 4, 2010 file photo shows President Barack Obama standing with AFL-CIO Presidet Richard Trumka after he spoke about jobs and the economy at the AFL-CIO Executive Council in Washington. “There are things the president can do, and we’ll be expecting that leadership from President Obama,” Trumka told reporters after the election. Topping the list, for now, is a push to raise taxes on wealthy Americans and discouraging Obama from agreeing to any deal with Republicans.]


Labor: Tax the rich, don’t touch safety nets

By SAM HANANEL | Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — After two years of getting pummeled in Wisconsin, Indiana and other battleground states, leaders of the nation’s big labor unions were beaming on election night.

Labor’s massive voter turnout effort played a major role in helping President Barack Obama win Ohio, Nevada and Wisconsin, according to exit polls, and its leaders are now looking for a more liberal, pro-union agenda from the White House.

“There are things the president can do, and we’ll be expecting that leadership from President Obama,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told reporters after the election.

Topping labor’s wish list — for now — is a push to raise taxes on wealthy Americans and discouraging Obama from agreeing to any deal with Republicans over the looming “fiscal cliff” that cuts into Social Security and Medicare.

But unions are also pressing for new measures that might help boost their sagging membership rolls. New investment in infrastructure would bring construction jobs for trade unions. Immigration reform — and a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented Latino immigrants — would create a vast new pool of potential union members. And new regulations could remove some obstacles to union organizing.

Business groups that have vigorously opposed efforts to help unions draw new members say they will keep playing defense.

“My primary concern is in the regulations,” said Randel Johnson, vice president at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for labor issues. “We are afraid that on employment issues, the administration will stay firmly to the left and follow the lead of the unions.”

A new rule expected from the Labor Department would force companies to reveal relationships with so-called union-busting consulting companies even if the companies have no contact with workers. The National Labor Relations Board is expected to start work on a rule that would force businesses to turn over workers’ phone numbers, emails and shift times to union organizers.

The Obama administration might even consider a plan that would give an advantage in bidding on government contracts to companies that offer workers a higher living wage and generous benefits.

Unlike four years ago, unions have not made passage of card-check legislation a centerpiece of their agenda. The long-stalled measure that would require companies to recognize a union once more than half its eligible employees signed union cards instead of putting the question to a secret-ballot vote went nowhere in Obama’ first term, to the chagrin of many union activists.

Card check remains a dead end with Republicans in firm control of the House. Amy Dean, a former head of the AFL-CIO in California’s Silicon Valley, said unions are being more realistic about what they can get.

“They are all about strengthening the right to organize within the confines of what’s politically possible,” Dean said.

Unions showed they still wield considerable political muscle, despite declining membership and having to spend millions fighting efforts in dozens of state legislatures to curb their bargaining rights or limit their political clout. About 11.8 percent of all workers belong to a union; in the private sector union membership is only 6.9 percent.

Exit polls show Obama won 58 percent of voters from union households, compared with 40 percent for Republican Mitt Romney. That margin rose to 60 percent in Ohio and 66 percent in Wisconsin, where 1 of every 5 voters comes from a union household.

“We did deliver those states,” Trumka said. “Without organized labor, none of those would have been in the president’s column.”

Unions expected to spend big — more than $400 million — to help Obama and other union-friendly candidates at the federal, state and local levels. The country’s largest public workers union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, says it spent about $100 million while the Service Employees International Union says it spent $85 million.

But labor’s election success hinged in large part on its extensive ground game. Thousands of volunteers made millions of personal contacts with union and nonunion voters. Labor also took advantage of new rules on super-PACs, funneling at least $77 million to the groups, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

An analysis by the Sunlight Foundation, which tracks money in politics, found that unions and other Democratic-leaning groups were far more successful than outside conservative groups in targeting money toward winning House and Senate campaigns. The SEIU spent more than 70 percent of its funds on winners, for example, while Karl Rove’s American Crossroads and its nonprofit affiliate had only a 6 percent success rate.

In addition to measures that may help increase union numbers, labor leaders are also expecting the Obama administration to issue more regulations targeting workplace safety. Proposed rules to protect workers from cancer-causing and lung-damaging silica, often found in the dust at construction sites and glass manufacturing operations, have languished at the White House for more than a year. The administration also has delayed new standards for combustible dust that can cause explosions.

Business groups have opposed the regulations, saying they overreach and would raise employers’ costs by millions of dollars.

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Obama defies lawmakers with recess appointments to NLRB

By About Restricking the Working Class

When are they going to put this idiot out to pasture and file charges against him for violation of the laws and the Constitution.

He does not care one bit about the American people, all he wants to do is get FOUR MORE YEARS, four more years will put this Country into a DEPRESSION that our kids will never get out of. Continue reading

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Union Retaliated Against Boeing’s South Carolina Employees, NLRB Charge Alleges

And Obama wants every one to Believe that he wants to put the American People back to work, but only under his Control and Rules.


Posted by LaborUnionReport (Diary)
Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Having posted extensively on the Machinists’ union smokescreen at Boeing, there is some sense of satisfaction in knowing that Boeing’s union-free employees in South Carolina are not letting the union get away with retaliating against them for choosing to be union-free. Continue reading

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Unions cry foul over Republican’s NLRB resignation threat

By Bob    I wish you all a safe and healthy Holliday Season and a JOB to come.

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By Kevin Bogardus

The labor movement is crying foul over a resignation threat from a member of the National Labor Relations Board that would effectively quash a long-sought change to union election rules. Continue reading

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Union-Bought Democrat Calls For End Of Congressional Probe Into Obama’s NLRB

By Government & Union Greed

The BIG Problem in the World today, is GREED!!!!! And why have Companies gone to outsourcing, (1) Government, (2) Unions, (3) Bigger Profits.

Now we have a Country that picks and choose who is going to get a job, don’t they call this DISCRIMINATION.

Continue reading

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Obama’s Specious Decree to Business: Hire Workers Already

By Fed Up

After reading this article I wonder how much this will cost Jobs here in America, I think Companies should have a say where they want to locate, as long as they stay right here in this Country, but if they can’t then they will continue to move out of this Country, if the unions can’t see what they are doing then we will keep losing job to Foreign Countries.

It is time to stop and see what is happening to this Country, but it not all the union, but they are not helping, but we can’t for get greedy CEOs and BOARD of DIRECTORS.

It is time to stop going for higher wage and big packages, we need jobs, if we keep going the way we are we will no longer have a free Country.


By Gary Bauer

After hearing tales of economic woe from unemployed Americans at last Thursday’s town hall event in Washington, D.C., President Obama issued a decree to American business:  It’s time to “step up” and begin hiring new workers.

It’s as if Obama believes American businesses were just waiting for him to green-light what many companies doubtless would like to do but cannot—largely because of the President’s own job-stifling policies.

Some companies have been stepping up and hiring workers only to see Obama appointees demand that they be let go.  In one particularly egregious case, Republican legislators are fighting back to save not only thousands of American jobs, but also the right of American companies to do business without fear of union retribution. Continue reading

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