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Poor News Coverage Cancels News Papers

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Back Page News

Back Page News

It is amazing how the news media can put out a paper that resembles a rag and call it a news, and then have the nerve to expect people to continually pay for it, so what do they do is put it on the internet and then expect you to pay TEN Dollars a month for it when you only find an article once or twice a month that informs you about what your State or Federal Government is doing, the rest of the time they are printing stories about Baby Bumps, some person winning an award for some stupid thing, just like all these Actors who spend more time in front of some red blanket or walking on one.

This is fine if you only want to see Sports Scores, who is doing what in Sports, or some celebrity having too much pain while having a baby, or who in the world is getting a divorce, or who is getting married after getting that divorce, that is not NEWS that is RAG talk and should not even be published, if that is all you are interested in then print only that and put in on a stand at the local super market not on the door step of some ones home, or on the computer, leave that to the Rags, it is time that the news media starts doing what they are suppose to do, and that is tell the truth on what is going on in this Country, and don’t cover up wrong doings and real news.

In the mean time what people should be informed about is never published until it becomes a law, so why should any one want to buy a news paper that is not much better than these rags in the super markets, the media always puts the most important news in the grave yard section or in the adds, and just think they have the nerve to charge you an outragous price for it.

So if you want to know about some thing that your Stare or Federal Government is doing just wait until it is passed then the media will let you know, that a politician was lying to get in to office or they passed a bill that will cost you money, then the news will let you see it on the front page.

The people can not fight any thing if they don’t know what is going on, but I think that is what all Government Agencies want and that is keeping the people miss informed, so this thing they call a news paper is nothing but an arm of the Government, you do what they want 11950035921415595136nazi_historic_svg_thumbor they will take your licence away, this happens under a Dictator run Government.

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Is There Any Wonder Why

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Is there any wonder why no one knows what is going on in this country with the way the American News Media puts a spin on how they turn the stories to make it sound like a perfect Country where nothing bad is going on, and a good example is what is going on in Government, or what is not going on in Government, and that this Country is going down in Flames under this Administration, not just Obama, but every one he has put in his administration to do his job while he spends all his time in Air Force One, and His Wife in Air Force Two. Continue reading

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Where did President Obama go after killing off JOBS

By Way to go.
There are many times that there are articles that make it hard to make a comment on and this one is a good example, and Newt Gingrich also could not have said it any better. 

Truth about the news media 

I watched the local news and did not see the whole comment, they only show what they want you to see.

The land of Obama make-believe

By Michelle Malkin

Where did President Obama go after killing off thousands of Keystone XL pipeline construction and manufacturing jobs? Why, Disney World, of course. Sabotaging work is hard work for Goofy and his pals. Continue reading

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